Saturday, October 30, 2010


Grr.. My Tumblr blog isnt working.. So I'll just use this for now :)

So I was listening to this band I heard about at school, and all I can say is that they are AMAZING. <33 I wish I had heard about them earlier!

Bleh, I like Tumblr a lot more than this. :(

Oh well. Haha.

Friday, October 29, 2010

This past week;

I havent been on this since my last post, haha. So, there will be a lot to spill. :)

Lets see..

World Record = accomplished! :)
It was so much fun!

-Watching the movie "Tangled" which doesn't come out until November 25! (:
Went with Christina Nhan & Randy Van (:
So much fun! The movie is so touching, we cried :)
I recommend that you watch it once it's out.

-oh yess (:
Perhaps, the best day (:
Heck yahh! :)

-School Halloween Dance (:
Pretty fun. Haha.
He was gonna ask me to dance! Omg!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun Day ♥

Today I had a BLAST hanging out with Courtney.
We haven't talked this much since last year!

So we went to Fashion Place mall, and just totally messed around. It was hilarious :)
It was nice to get the stress out and just have a good time.


The past two days were amazing..
My English teacher told us how he died for 23 seconds.. and his story was devastating.
Then he told us that he couldn't have steak or hamburgers, or milk, or hardly anything because of it. It was terrible.. :(

But he's an AMAZING teacher, and I'm glad he's staying strong :)


I get my braces off this month! ♥
So happy! :D
Hope it's not too bad.. Haha :)

Amy :)