Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, (:

Just felt like posting a blog, haha. ;)
Well, my parents are off to Wendover, which means I get the computer for a while, (for once!)

Check this out!(:

I LOVE them!! ♥

This week has been kinda tough, and tiring. I can't wait till Tuesday though. (: Back to school then, and on Wednesday I have my music festival, which I am not looking forward to, sigh..


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning, (:

Great, its that time of the year again!
Spring Cleaning, although I wouldn't call it that.
Its more of a Winter Cleaning at the moment. (:

Anyways, I haven't typed these past couple of days because I haven't really had the chance to, so I am gonna write about my Spring Break, (:

Lets see,

April 1--
April Fools Day! (:
Today was pretty fun, except for the fact that some people took the jokes way too far.
And some people think that April Fools Day last longer than one day. :/

April 2--
Jabbawockeez! (:
Today was actually a really fun day.
Although I really wish Vivian was with us to go see the Jabbawockeez.. :/
It was kinda boring at first. And we couldn't see well, because all the people in front of us were standing on their chairs and they were tall.
Other than that, I feel bad for Andrew, he really wanted to go, oh well..

Ttyl, (: